About the event

Prague Open Dance Festival (PODF) is the largest international dance competition in the Czech Republic, which will take place September 13 - 15, 2019 in the beautiful spaces of the Forum Karlín. On the occasion of the 15th anniversary, we have established a new tradition in the form of a unique opening night, which will take place on September 13th and is called NINE.

NINE got its name thanks to the merger of 9 modern art muses. The highlight of the evening will be a show of 9 World and European dance champions in standard and Latin American dances. The program will be enriched with modern acrobatic performance and the beautiful voice of the singer Dasha. In addition, during the evening you will get the chance to dance yourselves. The whole evening will be hosted by Jaroslav Kuneš and Petra Kostovčíková. The event with the performances of dance couples of such quality is unparalleled throughout Europe.

There is almost no need to introduce the PODF dance competition anymore. Every year, almost 1000 couples travel to the heart of Europe, Prague, to partake in this remarkable event. You can come see who will stand on the winner’s podium, as well as be swept by the dance performances of some of the world’s best couples. As well be swept by the unique glass exhibition of world top glass artist - Gordana Glass.


Unrepeatble experience. Unrepeatable opportunity. Be swept away by the masters of their craft, be it dancers, or artists in the are of fashion, music, theatre or acrobacy.


Be amazed by the star studded performances and root for your favourite. Get inspired and dance alongside the best. Come support your friends.

YOU create the atmosphere, let's make it unforgettable.

Competition days programme

WDSF competitons for all age categories, from juniors to seniors will take place during the weekend. The cherry on top will be the World Open categories, where the best couples will fight over precious points for the world rank list.

Saturday 14th September

  • World Open Adults Latin
  • Youth Standard
  • Junior I, II Latin
  • Senior II Standard
  • Senior IV Standard
  • Senior I Latin

Sunday 15th September

  • World Open Adults Standard
  • Youth Latin
  • Junior I, II Standard
  • Senior I, III Standard
  • Senior II Latin


You can choose your tickets from the comfort of your home, quickly, easily and for a lower price.


Since 2018 Prague Open has changed the hall and it takes place in the new space of Forum Karlín. What can you look forward to? Spacious, modern hall with great acoustics, professional sound and lighting. As a bonus, the entire space is air conditioned.

Forum Karlín, Pernerova 652/51, 186 00 Prague 8