We whole-heartedly invite you the CAMP that will be held after Prague Open Dance Festival. It will take place on September 17 and September 18 with excellent trainers. For more information, please visit out Facebook Event. You can look forward to:

  • Anastasia Titkova
  • Vladimir Karpov
  • Kevin Juul
  • Davide Gabusi
  • Ilya Danilov
  • Asis Khadjeh-Nouri

Anastasia Titkova

Anastasia Titkova got a lot of titles in amateur career but unfortunately due to health issues of her husband she ended her competitive career very young. She is one of the best trainers and coaches in the world. She raised several world champions. Nowadays, she is a highly respected teacher and judge of the WDSF.

Vladimir Karpov

Vladimir Karpov was one of the world’s most successful Latin dancers. After finishing his competitive dancing career, Vladimir has become a trainer and a WDSF adjudicator.

Kevin Juul

Kevin Juul is a very popular trainer of Latin dances. He’s very often adjudicating in the WDSF championship competitions.

Davide Gabusi

Davide Gabusi is one of the best teacher in latinamerican dancing. He is also highly ranked judge of the WDSF.

Ilya Danilov

Ilya Danilov is among the best trainers of Latin dances in the world. He’s also an accomplished WDSF adjudicator and a trainer of many great dancers, including European Champion Armen Tsaturyan.

Asis Khadjeh-Nouri

Asis Khadjeh-Nouri got a lot of titles in amateur career and title European finalist in Professionals. Now is highly ranked trainer and judge of the WDSF and also one of the organizers of "The Camp" in Wuppertal.